I am a stand for personal or individual responsibility. In my opinion, this relates to how an individual responds to the people, places, and things (events, situations, challenges, etc.) one may encounter in day-to-day living.

A person who embraces personal or individual responsibility knows that they are the author of their own lives and are is empowered by their ability to choose. They realize that they are responsible for every choice they make and know that every choice has accompanying payoffs and prices. A person who embraces personal responsibility knows and welcomes the fact that they are ethically and legally liable for the choices they make.

The  opposite of personal responsibility is someone who identifies themselves as a victim. Victims are reactive vs. proactive. Victims live life at the effect of people, places, and situations, etc. Victims often experience themselves as being dependent upon x, entitled to x, etc. Victims often experience feelings of fear, self-doubt, powerlessness, worried, self-doubt, and related feelings.

As a small business-owner I want the success or failure of my business to rest on my abilities. I want the freedom to run my company my way as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of another.  I do not want the success of my business to depend on having a close relationship with government officials. I do not want the  government telling me which suppliers I can or cannot use. I do not want the government telling me where I can or cannot do business.

…to be continued